DZ Right Angle Drives

Manufactured in 5 sizes, DZ right angle drives are characterised by their rugged construction, quiet operation and reliable service life. All 5 sizes are available in 1:1 and 2:1 ratios and in 2 shaft and 3 shaft configurations. The 2 shaft version is also available to order in reverse rotation.


Cast in good quality aluminium alloy, the sections are generously proportioned to give protection in heavy duty applications. The castings are free of porosity and oil-tight and are externally peened. This improves the surface hardness of the casting and its visual texture.


Manufactured in Nickel Chrome steels, the gears are to the Coniflex system, cut on Gleason machines. The straight tooth form allows rotation in either direction with no change in drive characteristics. To maximise wear life, gears are case hardened. The bulk of the tooth form thus remains tough and elastic to better withstand impact loads.


Manufactured in high quality steel alloys, the shafts are ground and surface treated for corrosion protection. They are machined with keyways to DIN standards.

Bearing system

Heavy duty, high quality ball bearings are used throughout to ensure optimum reliability under the heaviest operating conditions.

Lubrication & oil seals

Gearboxes are supplied correctly filled with lubricant retained by seals which remain functional under most operating conditions. Special oil seals are available for high temperature use or for particularly aggressive environments. These are supplied to order.

Product Features

  • DZ Right Angle Drive, 3 Shaft
  • DZ Right Angle Drive, 2 Shaft
  • DZ Right Angle Drive, 2 Shaft R
DZ Right Angle Drives