Clamping Elements

For secure shaft to hub (e.g. shaft to pulley, gear or sprocket) connections without the use of keys. Unlike keyed connections this type of connection eliminates play between the shaft and the hub and distributes the power over the whole of the contact area. This allows savings in materials because shaft diameters can be designed smaller.

These elements are ideal for heavy transmissions, with overload or continuous reversing, or where angular synchronisation is required, with several hubs mounted on a single shaft.

Simple mounting and dismounting means easy and quick changing of the hubs fitted on the shaft. The high pressure between the contact surfaces helps avoid corrosion and, years after installation, allows quick removal of the hub.

Product Features

  • Type A: No flange
  • Type B: With flange. Suitable for small and thin walled tubes
  • Miniature: Miniature with flange (commonly used for pulleys)
Clamping Elements