Permanent Magnet Brakes and Clutches

These brakes and clutches use a hysteresis disc between two permanent magnets. When like poles of the two magnets are facing each other they produce maximum magnetic saturation of the hysteresis disc and maximim torque is transmitted to the output shaft. When the opposite poles face each other they produce minimum saturation of the hysteresis disc and therefore the minimum torque is transmitted to the output shaft. Output torque can therefore be adjusted by adjusting the rotation of the permanaet magnets relative to each other. This is achieved with a simple mechanical arrangement. Because none of the surfaces contact each other the torque setting can be maintained indefinitely.

The various models available cover very low to very high output torques and cover most applications. If you can't see what you want here please contact us to discuss custom made possibilities.

Product Features

  • No break-away torque
  • Electricity free operation
  • Constant torque independent of shaft (rotor) speed
  • No contacting or wearing parts
  • No friction elements (same torque year after year)
  • Operable in some of the most difficult environments.
Permanent Magnet Brakes Clutches