Power Supply

In normal operation the temperature of a clutch or brake unit will increase as a result of the current. As the temperature increases the coil resistance will also increase, resulting in a reduction in current drawn from a normal DC source. To maintain a steady set torque a constant current power source must be used.

The Huco Constant Current Power Supply has been designed for use with any 12V or 24V clutch or brake, and variants are available to operate from 110V or 230V 50/60Hz mains power. In addition to automatically compensating for variations in temperature, the Constant Current Power Supply will also compensate for normal fluctuations in the line voltage.

By reference to the torque/ % current curve supplied with each clutch or brake, the current appropriate to the required torque can be determined and accurately set on an integral digital ammeter. The current is readily adjusted using a 10 turn vernier potentiometer mounted on the front of the power supply. One complete turn of the control equals 10% of the rated current. Thus the torque setting can be determined with a reasonable degree of accuracy simply by reference to the torque/ % current curve.

Alternatively, the current can be adjusted by means of a 0-10V signal from a PC. The manual or signal voltage option is selected by means of a switch which is accessible without removing the cover on the enclosed version.

The power supply is available in an enclosure or as a chassis mounted version with the potentiometer and ammeter supplied on flying leads for mounting in the customer’s own control panel.

Product Features

  • Huco magnetic particle clutch/ brake power supply for 12V & 24V DC operation.
Power Supply