Oldham Couplings

Oldham couplings are 3-part couplings consisting of 2 hubs + 1 torque disc. The hubs determine the method of installation and shaft attachment, the discs determine the quality of motion. The 5 hub styles and 2 disc materials that comprise the range are fully interchangeable within each of the 9 sizes available. To take advantage of this flexibility, hubs and discs are specified and supplied separately. The discs are the sacrificial elements and are replaceable at low cost

Oldham Hub

Oldham hubs are available in three styles; Blank – for your custom applications where you need to fit into a tube or on a non-standard shaft, Blind Hub – Where the bore is to a controlled depth which provides a register when pre-assembling the hub to a shaft and Thro’ Hub – Where the bore is travels through the hub which allows the hub to be moved on the shaft for disc replacement. The Blind bore and Thro’ bore hubs are available with set-screw and clamp fastening. Hubs are sold individually and can be bored to a number of different diameters.

Oldham Disc

Oldham Discs are available in two materials; Acetal – Providing high torsional stiffness, good bearing properties with a long backlash free life and Nylon – Which is resilient, isolating noise and vibration. The discs are available as a solid disk or with a Thro’ bore. Discs are sold individually

Huco Oldham Couplings

Oldham couplings are sold as a complete coupling consisting of two hubs (Blind, Thro’ or Blank) with either set-screw or clamp fastening and a Solid Acetal disc. Complete couplings can be