Disc Couplings

Thin pressed spring steel membranes act as the pivotal media in disc couplings. These are attached alternately to the drive and driven members, and provide flex to compensate for misalignment. Any torque is resolved to simple tensile stresses in the opposing segments of the membranes, which are free of residual stresses as no secondary forming operations are involved in their manufacture. Another advantage of this type of coupling is their near-infinite life and dynamically balanced construction, making them suitable for applications where high rotational speed and high-level motion integrity are required. Typical applications include closed loop servo systems in machine tools, robots, scanners, centrifuges, turbines and dynamometers.

Huco Flex - M Couplings

Precision couplings with excellent kinematic properties. Dynamically balanced construction. Single-stage versions make up into ‘whirl’ free Cardans. The 2-stage versions offer short envelopes and low bearing loads respectively.

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