Round and Hexagonal Pillars

Two types of pillars available: Hexagonal and Round.

A quality range of insulating pillars in BP5400 High Heat/Super Impact Premium polystyrene, light grey in colour, ranging from 10mm to 120mm in length.

Product Features

Material & Spacers: Standard Lengths
Mild Steel:
  • Electro-zinc plated
  • Electro-nickel plated
  • Glass reinforced
  • Max service temp: 110ºC
  • Colour - Black
Materials & Finishes: Insulating Pillars
  • Mild steel: Electro-zinc plated
  • Colour - White
  • Brass self-colour
Electrical Properties:
  • Dissipation factor: IEC 250 4.10-4
  • Insulation resistance: 10-13m.ohm
  • Dielectric constant: IEC 250.25
  • Dielectric strength: DIN 53481150 kV/mm
  • Max service temp: 70ºC
Round and Hexagonal Pillars