Electronically Controlled Air Motors

Dynatork Air Motors adapted to accept M8 Proximity Sensors to each Cylinder Cap.

When each piston reaches top dead centre the Proximity Sensor passes “1” signal to the Programming/Computer Unit.

The Programmer/Computer counts the pulses of either 3 pulses or 1 pulse per revolution.

After “x” number of pulses the programming unit changes the Air Motor mode of operation, from Stop - Reverse - Delay and/or start another function.

  • Motor supplied with Sensor(s)
  • Client installs his own Sensor(s)

Product Features

  • Near instant start-stop reversal
  • Variable speed in either direction
  • Maximum torque at start up to 275 Nm
  • Air Motors stall point can be preset
  • Low air consumption
  • Very low noise levels
  • Can operate in harsh environmental conditions