Air Motors

Unique Features of Huco Dynatork Air Motors

Controllable Speed & Torque
Speed control can be adjusted to fine limits by the use of restrictors on the exhaust ports. The speed can be instantly changed to a higher or lower speed due to fast response times.

Instant Stop-Start
Dynatork motors can stop-start and drive under load with characteristics similar to a Stepping Motor.

Environmental Benefits

Energy Saving
Air consumption of piston motor is positive as leakage is negligible giving maximum torque at minimum air consumption.

Quiet Operation
Dynatork air motors have very low noise levels when compared with standard air motors. They can operate in harsh environmental conditions and are unaffected by airline condensate.

Clean Environment
Dynatork Air Motors can be supplied for a non-lubricated gas supply in clean areas so eliminating contamination in a clean environment.