Dynatork Air Motors adapted to accept M8 Proximity Sensors to each Cylinder Cap.

When each piston reaches top dead centre the Proximity Sensor passes “1” signal to the Programming/Computer Unit.

The Programmer/Computer counts the pulses of either 3 pulses or 1 pulse per revolution.

After “x” number of pulses the programming unit changes the Air Motor mode of operation, from Stop - Reverse - Delay and/or start another function.

  • Motor supplied with Sensor(s)
  • Client installs his own Sensor(s)

Product Features

  • Near instant start-stop reversal
  • Variable speed in either direction
  • Maximum torque at start up to 275 Nm
  • Air Motors stall point can be preset
  • Low air consumption
  • Very low noise levels
  • Can operate in harsh environmental conditions

Electronically Controlled Air Motors

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