21 February 2023

New today! Higher torque, higher speed, lower cost Bibby Series IV gear coupling

Huco Bibby New IV Gear Coupling

Familiar with the Bibby Series III gear coupling, but looking for more bang for your buck?

Check out our new, higher torque, cost-effective Bibby IV gear coupling – now available for purchase on Huco’s e-commerce website.

This Series F Flexible Coupling has fully crowned teeth for higher torque, higher speed, and higher misalignment capacity.

Key features include:

  • ¾ ° angular misalignment capacity per gear mesh
  • Torque ratings at full misalignment more than normal requirements for average applications
  • Accurately machined medium carbon steel hubs and sleeves
  • Positive-type O-ring seals keep lubricant in and contaminants out
  • Seals enshrouded to prevent damage

With a flanged-sleeve design, the Series IV gear coupling’s bolted center flanges facilitate installation and alignment.

Huco Bibby IV Gear Coupling

Bored and key-wayed to meet your needs: single- and double-engagement types

The Series IV gear coupling is available as both ‘Series F’ Large Bore Double-Engagement and ‘Series FS’ Large Bore Single-Engagement types.

Meeting requirements of all standard applications for shaft sizes up to 275 mm, the Double-Engagement Series IV is optimized for greatest torque capacity:

  • Compensates for both angular misalignment and parallel offset
  • Optimum separation of gear meshes permits high parallel offset capacity

Used primarily in tandem pairs, Single-Engagement Series IV can be connected by intermediate floating shafts, or as individual unit in conjunction with a driver or driven shaft having self-aligning support bearing:

  • Compensates for angular misalignment only
  • Consists of one standard flexible half coupling and one rigid half

As with all Huco offerings, the Bibby Series IV has Express Bore and Keyway Service:

  • Express: 4 working days lead time
  • Standard: 10 working days lead time

Learn more about the Bibby Series IV Coupling today!