13 June 2022

Huco releases two new flyers featuring the Beam and Bellows Couplings

Huco Beam and Bellows Couplings

Don't miss Huco's new flyers for Beam and Bellows couplings. The flyers provide features, benefits, and at a glance information for these popular couplings.

Huco Beam Couplings

Huco Multi Beam couplings are zero backlash single-piece couplings and are available in single stage (3-beam) or two stage (6-beam). Multi beam couplings also have material options available for moisture and corrosion resistance. Huco's Single Beam couplings provide zero backlash and are single-piece couplings that are more flexible than Multi-Beam but less torsionally rigid. Step Beam couplings unique plastic coupling design provides an excellent combination of radial flexibility with torsional stiffness.

View Flyer: Huco Beam Couplings P-8952-HD

Huco Beams and Bellows Flyers

Huco Bellows Couplings

The characteristics of the bellows coupling can be modified by varying the number and/or the wall thickness of the convolutions of the bellows. This type of coupling generally has high torsional stiffness and may be used in any drive system where high levels of motion integrity are essential. Typical applications include encoder drives in closed-loop servo systems.

View Flyer: Huco Bellows Couplings P-8953-HD

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