10 September 2021

Huco Oldham couplings seal the deal for Cap Coder capping and filling machines

Cap Coder

Capped containers are essential for keeping beverages and medicine in optimum condition. The process of capping and filling these containers is a challenging one, with dedicated machines required to operate on 24/7 production schedules to meet customer demand. To ensure the reliability of its CC560 Capping and Filling Machines, Cap Coder only fits Huco Oldham couplings into its capping head designs.

Packaging precision and reliability

Capping and filling machines are the backbone of many beverage and pharmaceutical packaging lines. Empty containers are brought to the machine via conveyor, where they are held in position, filled and capped. To meet high customer demand for consumables, capping and filling machines must operate with exceptional reliability over long periods. Power transmission components need to combine durability and precision to maximise machine uptime and ensure quality packaging.

Cap Coder

Cap Coder only fits Huco Oldham couplings into its capping head designs.

A key assembly of a machine is the capping head. The head must transfer power and control applied torque to seal the cap in position effectively. This precise operation must be conducted at great speed with total repeatability and reliability. Therefore, selecting an optimal coupling for installation between the drive motor and the capping head is especially important.

Proven performance

Cap Coder’s CC560 Capping and Filling Machine is one of its most proven designs, backed by decades of continuous development and user feedback. Able to accommodate containers from 25 ml up to 5 L, the machine can process up to 40 bottles a minute in operation. Versatility is built into the design, allowing for multiple capping processes to be supported within a single unit. Applications include screw cap, tamper evident, child resistant, trigger spray and pump action containers.

When it came to selecting a precision coupling for use within the CC720 Mk IV capping head fitted to the CC560, Cap Coder chose Huco’s flagship Oldham design. Featuring two hubs and a central torque disc, the Oldham matches precision with reliability. The version specified for Cap Coder features aluminium hubs and an acetal disc, delivering a peak torque rating of 9 Nm.

Coupling expert

Huco, a leading brand of Altra Industrial Motion Corp., is a premier designer and manufacturer of precision couplings. With a proven track record delivering standard and customised couplings for highly accurate machinery operating in food, beverage and pharmaceutical processes, the business has exceptional experience in precision applications.

The Oldham coupling accommodates misalignment by allowing sliding between the hubs and disc, eliminating any lateral forces. This prevents these forces being transmitted to associated equipment such as bearings or motors, which enhances the overall reliability of machines. High torsional stiffness and backlash-free performance are further design advantages. In certain situations, the disc can act as a mechanical fuse, becoming a sacrificial element to help prevent damage to other systems during very high loads. The three-piece construction of the Oldham also ensures quick and easy installation - ideal for the needs of machine builders.

Huco Oldham Couplings

Discs are available in acetal, nylon or PEEK depending on requirement. Designs can be further specialised by Huco’s in-house coupling customisation service. All couplings undergo stringent performance testing, providing customers with proof of reliability.

Oldham as standard

John Walsh, Sales Director at Cap Coder, said: “Precision couplings are essential for transmitting power to the capping head and maintaining position control. The Oldham coupling provides us with both precision and reliability in application. The performance of the coupling as part of our CC720 Mk IV capping head has been more than satisfactory.”

“The Oldham is now featured in all capping heads that we produce, becoming a part of every capping and filling machine in our range. This decision has been vindicated, as we have never experienced a coupling failure on one of our machines that is less than five years old. Furthermore, the customer service that Huco has provided has been second to none.”