19 June 2019

Huco Direct Can Offer Next Day Shipping on Standard Orders

Huco Precision Couplings

Huco Direct is offering next day shipping for online orders of precision couplings – or within 48 hours where custom bore diameters and keyways are selected. The service has been set up to make it easy to order directly from the manufacturer, keeping lead times to a minimum. As a further benefit to customers, shipping is free to the UK, Europe and the USA.

Huco Direct Products

Huco Direct offers over 85,000 standard part numbers that are available to ship within 24 hours.

Huco is one of leading manufacturers of precision couplings, with particular expertise in the servo, robotics and automation industries. A premier brand of Alta Industrial Motion Corp, Huco is supported by a global network of engineering centres and has benefitted from significant investment in its manufacturing capabilities. As a result of this investment, Huco Direct has been launched to allow customers to order directly from the manufacturer.

Engineers who are looking for precision couplings with exact design requirements may often find that traditional online distributors only hold a limited range in stock– meaning orders may take longer to be satisfied. Huco utilises a lean manufacturing philosophy, with very short lead times for stock replenishment.

Huco Direct offers over 85,000 standard part numbers that are available to ship within 24 hours. Should a customer require a bore or keyway option that isn’t standard, then Huco can still manufacture and ship it within 48 hours of the order being made. Where customisation or specification support is required, a telephone service connects to an expert sales team.

Free next day shipping is available to customers ordering from the UK, Europe or the USA with no minimum order quantities.

About Huco Direct

With more than 50 years of innovation, Huco is recognised as a world leader in precision coupling and piston air motor technologies. Backed by extensive application experience, utilising the most advanced materials, Huco designs and manufactures innovative power transmission solutions that meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Huco has launched an e-commerce service that allows end users to order precision couplings direct from its manufacturing headquarters in Hertfordshire, UK. By ordering with Huco Direct customers can order genuine parts direct from the manufacturer – offering quality advantages as well as reliable delivery times. With over 85,000 standard part numbers that are available to ship within 24 hours, the global service includes free shipping to any location in the UK, Europe and USA.

For more information, visit www.hucodirect.com