12 May 2020

Huco Video: Huco Covid-19 Response Update

Huco Covid-19 Response Update

As the Covid-19 struggle goes on, Huco continues to do their part by providing critical components for essential medical equipment, supplies and facilities.

Huco associates in Hertfordshire, England, manufactured multi-beam couplings for use in a new ventilator design.

The precision couplings were needed by a high-tech Formula 1 racing team. The team’s engineers had developed and started to build a new ventilator design to meet increased demand at hospitals throughout the UK.

We’re extremely proud of our associates as they continue to do whatever they can to help win the global Covid-19 battle.

Because we realize that, no matter what country we’re from, what state we live in, or what city we work in...

...we’re all in this together.