16 February 2017

Flex P Couplings for Rotary Encoders

Rotary Encoders
Huco Flex-P Coupling

Italsensor, a leading manufacturer of incremental and absolute rotary encoders based near Turin, Italy, required world-class precision couplings for its wide range of angular and rotary encoders (both optical and magnetic).

The company specializes in the design and manufacture of both standard and custom rotary encoder variants that are supplied for industries including textile, packaging, printing, elevator, woodworking, plastic, medical, food, agriculture, renewable energy, construction, aerospace and defense. Supplied to more than 50 countries, Italsensor’s encoders can be applied in rigorous operating conditions, such as high shock and vibration, extreme temperature fluctuations, or wet and dirty environments.

The selection of class-leading, precision couplings is vital to ensure that Italsensor’s OEM customers, as well as end users, can be confident in achieving accurate measurement and positioning time after time. Based on many years of successful collaboration between the two companies, Italsensor specifies Huco Dynatork precision couplings as its standard.

Huco’s double-loop Flex P coupling is used extensively by Italsensor in both standard and customized encoder designs. This popular coupling uses a molded plastic element that is swaged permanently to steel or stainless steel hubs to provide a compact design. It forms an effective two-stage coupling with exceptional flexibility in all three modes. These couplings work without any friction, wear or noise and are ideal for transmitting rotation in small drives.


  • Double-loop, two-stage couplings
  • Molded plastic element permanently swaged to steel or stainless steel hubs
  • Works without any friction, wear or noise
  • Compact design