15 February 2021

Huco Modified Flex M Couplings for Oil Viscosity Measuring Instrument

oil viscosity measuring instrument
Modified M Flex Coupling

A leading manufacturer of tribology testing equipment needed reliable precision couplings for use on their oil viscometer instrumentation. The fully automated, microprocessor-controlled device utilizes proprietary software to perform ultra shear rate measurements in less than 1 hour. A precision coupling is used to connect the machine’s rotary head that can reach speeds up to 20,000 rpm in extremely short bursts.

The ability to recreate accurate oil shear rates inside engines is critical, especially in the automotive industry as engines continue to operate at higher speeds and temperatures. Thus, the instrument is widely utilized in the laboratories of automotive manufacturers, research universities and lubricant and additive designers.

The OEM contacted Huco based on Huco’s reputation for extremely reliable precision couplings, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Huco’s Flex M precision couplings were selected after a careful review of the application requirements.

The modified Flex M membrane-type couplings provided have a torque rating of 100 in.lb. (11.3 Nm). The double-stage version of the coupling, featuring two membranes, was chosen to provide greater misalignment capacity.

Huco’s Flex M precision couplings feature thin pressed steel membranes – torque is resolved to simple tensile stresses in opposing segments of the membranes. The couplings have near-infinite life and a dynamically balanced construction which makes them suitable for applications requiring high rotational speed and motion integrity.


  • Modified membrane-type couplings
  • Ideal for highly dynamic position and velocity control systems
  • Torque capacity: 100 in.lb. (11.3 Nm)
  • Heat treated, spring-quality stainless steel membranes
  • Double-stage version features two membranes for greater misalignment capacity