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Precision couplings with excellent kinematic properties. The 3 types offer differing combinations of stiffness, radial compensation and axial motion.

The convolutions of Flex-Ni Couplings are formed by the electrolytic deposition of nickel. This produces stress-free convolutions with closely controlled wall thickness.

Nickel bellows couplings are characterized by their exceptional quality of rotational positional integrity. This is achieved through high torsional stiffness in a coupling that is still able to accommodate large amounts of lateral and angular misalignment due to low spring rates in these directions. These couplings are used primarily in instrumentation and similar sensitive applications.

Product Features

  • Speeds: Up to 5000 rpm
  • Peak Torque Largest Size lbs.-in (Nm): 110.6(12.5) 
  • Standard Bores in. (mm): 1/8" - 3/4" (3 to 20) 
  • Temperature: -40° to +250°F , (-40° to +120°C)
  • Electrically Isolating: No unless used with insulating bore adapters
  • Connection: Clamp or Set Screw

Product Data Sheets

  • p-7293-hd-a4_highperformancecouplings
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Product Catalog

  • (A4) Flexible Couplings
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