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Huco Multi-Beam Couplings

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These general purpose, multi-beam couplings will readily accommodate any combination of axial motion and angular & parallel misalignment but should be used with caution if low bearing loads are desirable. The three start helical-cut design provides higher torque capability and greatly reduced wind-up when compared to single beam couplings. The 6 beam version provides greater misalignment capability but reduced torque accuracy when compared to the 3 beam version.
The couplings are available in aluminium and stainless steel to suit various environments.

3-Beam (single flex, relieved)
Higher torsional accuracy than 6 beam versions but less misalignment capability
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6-Beam (double flex, non-relieved)
Greater misalignment capability but less torsional accuracy than 3 beam version
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6-Beam (double flex, relieved)
As above but allows for minimal end-clearance between drive and driven shafts
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